Glass is a truly remarkable material. It can be delicate and fragile yet durable, translucent but opaque.
Over the years glass has been used for both practical and ornamental purposes, playing an essential role in architecture, interior design, and glazing solutions.

For years we’ve been offering glaziers and trade customers advice on glazing products, now we’re providing homeowners with the same opportunity by introducing ‘Glass Talk’, our informative and educational series of glazing articles designed to answer common glazing questions. In this series, we write about everything from basic glazing principles to joint materials and glazing systems. Our educational approach ensures you understand every aspect of your project before you begin so you can obtain maximum benefit from the glazing solution you choose. Through our Glass Talk series, we hope to bring transparency into the process of glazing selection and make it an easier task for everyone involved. At Primo Glazing, our goal is not only to deliver quality products but also educate people about their chosen glazing solution so they can make a well-informed decision. We invite all homeowners to leverage our insightful articles as part of their glazing journey. Let’s talk glass!


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